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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and tears to remembered dr. dorothy height, a tenacious fighter for her causes. president obama had scheduled civil rights leaders and a blizzard struck and he suggested not dorothy height come. she insisted on coming despite the blizzard, never mind she was in a wheelchair. she was not about to let a bunch of men meet without her. it was only when the cart literally could not get to her driveway that she reluctantly did not come. >> one speaker said that she said her greatest accomplishment was started on a jersey -- starting on a journey and never stopping. >> this was wonderful. cooks in memory of her, many women wore hats. >> we are wearing this in honor of dorothy height.
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i probably will never wear it again. >> there was also family. >> i think it was awesome to see her. >> on president obama's order, flags flew at half staff around the nation today in honor of dr. dorothy height. she was laid to rest at the fort lincoln cemetery just across the d.c. line in maryland. reporting live, sam ford, abc 7 news. breaking news on a plea deal in connection with the multiple shooting last month in the district. suzanne kennedy is live from d.c. superior court. nathaniel simms, and of the accused gunman, appeared in court today for about one hour. he took his responsibility for
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his part in the crime. simms pleaded guilty to five counts of second-degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder stemming from the march homicides. prosecutors outlined their case how simms and four others acquired weapons and planned to shoot people following a funeral. the alleged killers were ninja masks and drove a rented minivan armed with multiple automatic weapons, rolled down windows and shot into a crowd, killing three and injuring six others. outside of court, the mother of one of the alleged victims reacted to the plea. >> first, he wanted to come out with a hood not show his face at all. all of them make me sick to my stomach. he is 26 years old. he shot my baby. my son did not do anything to any of them. >> he faces a minimum sentence
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of 25 years in jail. he fears for his life as he has received threats. he has been moved into protective custody. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. the massif bp oil spill off of louisiana might reach the u.s. coast by tonight. president obama is calling the situation a national priority. the louisiana governor is declaring a state of emergency. it is now estimated that 200,000 gallons of oil are leaking every day and endangering wildlife and fisheries. bp is considering a unique technique that uses chemicals to pick up the oil underwater. when it comes to the financial reform debate, there will be one. the fourth time around works. senate republicans have agreed to open debate on the bill.
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republicans also want the bill to address the future of mortgage lenders fannie mae and freddie mac and to strengthen provisions for banks getting too big to fail. aclu said they will challenge that new controversial immigration law in arizona. it caused a wave of reaction across the country. scott thuman is following some talk on capitol hill. >> many thought this was not going to surface until next year because there were too many other big issues to tackle. it turns out that democratic senate leaders today, in a matter of moments, will unveil legislation for immigration reform. >> the fight over reform is gaining speed, thanks in part to arizona's new law to check
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licenses of people who they suspect might be here illegally. >> i am meeting with republicans right now to come up with a bipartisan bill that can pass. >> there is not a chance that immigration is going to move through congress. >> pressure on the president is mounting. >> with the stroke of a pan, -- with the stroke of a pen, he can end the suffering. >> we heard things about how there is no appetite in the senate. they better growing appetite quickly if they want to keep their seats. arizona is not just being criticized, they are being copied, to put up legislators in oklahoma and texas want to duplicate a result of's move. >> the citizens are sick and
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tired of political correctness. they want to take their country back. >> there is no word on how long it would be before any such bill be brought to the floor. the proposal we are hearing about is about securing the border and granting eagles the opportunity to gain legal status. u.s. senate race in florida is heating up following charlie crist's announcement he is going to run as an independent. crist trails republican mark rubio so he has decided to run as an independent. that is not sitting well with most republicans. jet blew will soon be kicking off from reagan national airport. to snatch uprace homes because thousands of
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dollars are on the line. >> more than 60 years after their plane was shot down, the flyers and families are at peace. >> we have been inching up the thermometer.
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an update on the toyota
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lexus safety and sales. the gx 460 is back on the market. they pulled the car after consumer reports state aid to not buy rating. there were concerns about flipping. dealers now have a software fix to repair the stability controls. >> if you prefer flying to writing in a lexus, new rules are into effect today to keep you from being stuck on the tarmac. airlines would not be able to keep passengers on the tarmac for more than three hours. after two hours, they will have to give passengers food and water. airlines that break the rules will face a fine of $27,000 per passenger. jetblue announced they will offer nonstop service from reagan to boston and orlando. flights start november 1.
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families of eight world war two veterans were there while their loved ones were laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. the eight fliers were aboard a plane shot down by the japanese over the pacific. among those killed were sgt jimmy doyle. the ring his wife did to him and his dog tags were found 56 years later. >> those dog tags or from a flight that should have ended better. >> researchers were able to locate the crash in 2005. members of the crew were buried today at arlington. one more day to qualify for a big housing tax credit and the rush is on. >> temperatures are looking even
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better for the weekend. >> sports fans are still in mourning over the capitals. wait until you see tiger.
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the mad dash is on for homebuyers to cash in on a tax credit. >> the deadline is tomorrow. >> this woman has a free money from the government in mind as she is this germantown condo. >> it is hard to find something so that -- but hopefully i can get a contract with the customer is the deadline for an $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers. that and 86500 credit is prompting buyers in montgomery county to act fast. >> people have been motivated. it has been a good day. quits this family have the tax credit in mind as they finally chose their first home. they squeezed in under the deadline saddling this afternoon. >> we have been searching for
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one and a half years. i have been looking forward to this day. >> the national association of realtors estimates 33% of buyers would not have signed a contract without the credit. property sales were up big this march compared to last march. agents say the tax credit is having that impact around the country. >> this agent says for his clients, the top three reasons are value, interest rates and the tax credit. >> that is the thousand dollars credit cannot consider its ban. >> i am looking at granite counter tops. there are some things we can do with it to make the house a home. >> good day to shop for a house. a beautiful day. summer is coming for the next few days. for the rest of the week.
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it is a beautiful afternoon. not a cloud in the sky that i can see. temperatures are about 70. a very quiet night with temperatures turning cooler but not cold as we head into overnight. if you stops on the weatherbug network. herbert hoover middle school is at 70. 71 how in woodbridge. look at the dew poitn, -5. the air is blown dry. 72 and 44 the high and low today. we are where we should be normally. the weekend, but temperatures are going to rise. pollen count is back into the high range for trees and everything else is low. temperatures are about average.
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most of the country is in good shape weather wise. the warming trend begins in the middle of the country. they are getting wet -- ready for a big change in the rockies, a snowstorm. the heat is what is heading here for the next couple of days. the force behind this is an area of high pressure above us right now. it suppresses cloud formation. we enjoyed that today. the wind will turn and that will draw the warmer temperatures. lower 80's. mid-80's at least for saturday and sunday. maybe isolated thunderstorms, especially by sunday evening. spectacular for the last day of april. sunshine with highs near 80.
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as we head through saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine on saturday. 20% chance of isolated thunderstorms late saturday west of the blue ridge. sunday, that it's up to 40% for a shower across the entire viewing area. a much higher probability as the cold front comes through on monday. tuesday through thursday look just fine to me. the toyota sports desk -- brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> the capitals are out of it. >> i was shocked. the number 8 seed has never come back from a three-one deficit. it is the worst loss in the history of the nhl. they had the best record in hockey. they had a 3-1 lead in the series. what happened? alex ovechkin big game ability
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is being questioned and bruce boudreau is being scrutinized. it seems the montreal canadiens have been bigger out enough to stone the caps. halak had an amazing series in goal. it was more than that. they frustrated and baffled the capitals. >> is this in any way validating criticisms that the style of play cannot win in the postseason? >> we gave up two goals. we gave up 15 shots and 22 shots. what style of play are we talking about? our offense? it does not validate anything. if we have to play a trap the game, it would have been a boring team to watch and we would not have been as successful as we were. >> bottom line, the capitals are out. first round. redskins picked up a couple of receivers, julie galloway and
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body weight. mike shanahan continues to add players at every position to increase competition. galloway is 38 years old. weight is 29. -- wade is 29. tiger woods, he struggled today. he was all over the place. he could not cut. he said he did not know where the ball was going. he ended two over par. afterwards, he downplayed any of the crowd reaction. >> i have my head down struggling. i was dropping balls out of hazards. i have my own issues out there. to with it. -- to hell with it. we go out to maryland with the relay team made history. their distant -- distance medley
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relay team made history. >> at the penn relays, they accomplished something this area has not seen in 46 years. capture the championship of america. >> i am happy to share it with this group of guys. they are amazing. could to this tightly knit group has committees camaraderie which helps their success. >> we are all close friends. we are always having fun. >> congratulation to the distance medley relay team, our high school athletes of the week. >> very talented. last week, i told you it was coming. it has been penalized. the n.c.a.a. has officially gone from 65 teams to 68 teams starting next season with march madness. >> that would h
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coming up tonight at 11:00, eating out in the diet buster. abc 7 puts those healthy foods to the test and we have the private busting results. the chief financial officer of the district is the leading a
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final decision on the analysis of the proposed contract between the district public schools in the washington teachers union until tomorrow. the delay comes at the request of adrian fenty and michelle rhee. there has been significant progress in in a funding gap. he will testify tomorrow in front of city council. >> it looks like tomorrow will be a nice day > the same high pressure area will turn into a heat pump. that will boost the numbers. up to 83 tomorrow for a high temperature. as we head through the remainder of the weekend, the temperatures climb into the middle 80's and close to 90. >> a touch
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currency of progress.
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